An Oasis in Winter…and the Wonder of Cactus

Anyone who loves strolling through public gardens should know that gardens can be far more than just a collection of plants. In my view, professional botanical gardens are a true form of art and should be admired.  Invariably, plants are placed in such a way as to express and convey real structural impact.  The architect or artist of the design, depending on your perspective, is able to communicate emotion through the placement, texture, and color selection of the flora.  Great gardens provide a sense of calm and buoyancy onto the observer in a way that few things in life can. So, whenever I travel, and I love to travel, the first thing on my list to see is the local botanical garden.  On a recent visit to Phoenix, AZ, I discovered the Desert Botanical Gardens. Do you think I found, cactus?  Yep, sure did.  But I must say I found magic there too.  You wouldn’t guess there would be anything romantic or engaging in cac-ti, but oh my friends you would be wrong.

For your information, there are literally hundreds of cacti to salivate over, for example, there’s the totem pole cactus, saguaro cactus, organ pipe cactus, elephant cactus,  prickly-pear cactus, barrel cactus, and on and on.  There, of course are other succulents to gaze and ogle over- want more enticement to go and check it out for yourself?  How about these great photos on

Flickr ( of my visit.  I hope these pics inspire you to look at cactus in whole new light… Photos by Patrick Flynn.  Which gardens inspire you?

photo by Patrick Flynn


One Comment to “An Oasis in Winter…and the Wonder of Cactus”

  1. Hmmmm… I shall have to reconsider cacti.

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