Authoring Great Works of Art…You Can Do It

Many of us have gardens that we admire, whether our own, or those found at our favorite botanical refuge. A great way to capture the moment and beauty of your favorite flowering flora is to compose a photo journal.

The idea was born out of our wedding reception.  We married about three years ago privately at the Indianapolis White River Gardens, and then immediately honeymooned.  Upon our return, we celebrated with a reception for our family and friends and placed photo books on each of the tables depicting our honeymoon travels through Europe.   Now, when my husband and I travel, we continue to document our exploits through a photolog. But why limit this idea to just travel?  I guess this was my husband’s thinking when he surprised me with a photolog of my backyard garden for our third year anniversary.  The book is a visual journal through my beloved garden.  And now, when most of my plants have gone dormant, it is very nice to be reminded of what I have to look forward to come spring.

Try your hand at creating a photo book of your favorite garden.  Creating the book is super easy to do.  There are several sites to choose from.  Visit or to name just a couple.

At a time when all of our financial resources are limited, creating and gifting a photobook or photolog of a special moment in someone’s life can mean the world.

Check this out to get you going…

photo by Patrick Flynn copyright all rights reserved


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