What’s Your Color?

I have to admit, although the holiday season is here, I’m not quite in the holiday spirit. Or rather I thought I was until I realized I have NO Christmas decor up of any kind. Not a tree, wreath, lights, or even potted plants resembling ’tis the season.’ Perhaps I’m still exhausted from the hard farming, I mean gardening, I undertook earlier this summer at my community vegetable garden plot. Keeping my squash from the brink of destruction as a consequence of the heat was apparently more work than I realized.

Though I’m still not in the mood for boughs of holly, I feel more in the Christmas spirit after visiting my favorite inspiration spot today, Terrain at Styers. What I love about this place is the unexpected creativity you find when you least expect it.
I’m now inspired to try beautiful white arrangements throughout my home as a modern, updated way to deck the halls. Placement of white mini hydrangea,

Hydrangea at Terrain


Paperwhite at Terrain

or poinsettia

Poinsettia at Terrain

this holiday season can really catapult your space in a modern way, but still staying true to traditional sensibilities. The great thing about using a monochrome color scheme (white/green) is that it shows fresh, and is visually crisp. Try it for yourself. Try strategically placed hydrangea, jasmine, or paperwhites this holiday season and fight the urge to display the traditional flamming red poinsettia. I promise you’ll find yourself surprisingly ready for all that the season has to offer.


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