Community Shared Agriculture For Christmas?

Cabbage field by kevincole, photo on flickr

Success with my organic vegetable garden was short lived this summer due to excessive heat, an absence of rain, and a lack of time. Alas, there were a few bright spots, to wit, my spinach.

But can man live on spinach alone?  Not likely.  But fortunately, there is hope for the home gardener who can not, for any reason, produce their own veggies.  The solution, your local CSA (Community Share Agriculture) participating farm.

Here in the Brandywine valley, there are several CSA’s to choose from, and I choose to support Highland Orchards.  The farm is right in the middle of town and they grow most of everything they sell.  Stepping into the storefront is like going back in time to an old fashioned general store, complete with rickety floors and a walk in cooler.  Besides nostalgia, the thing I love about being a part of the Highland Orchards CSA is not only supporting my community, but supporting a local farm that I can see with my own eyes. I know the owners and see their staff coming together to make the farm work. Before I started growing my own vegetables I’m not sure I ever really gave thought to how hard growing your own food could be.  If had to live off of what I was able to grow in my own 20×40 plot, I would surely starve.

At Highland Orchards, and this may be true of other CSA farms, you sign up on a quarterly basis, so now is the time to sign up for a share of the harvest which is picked from Jan.-Mar.  More information about CSA farms in your area is found at  Purchasing a share for someone would make a great gift this holiday season, and would certainly be greatly appreciated by your local community farmer. HVN98PARK2PP


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