Upside Down You Turn Me

designed by Michael McDowell

When I was out on the dating scene, red flags went up if I went to a suitor’s home and I spied no living thing of any kind. No dog, cat or plant.  My thought was ‘if he can’t care for a pathetic Ficus, surely he couldn’t care of me.’ Right or wrong, I still believe that. Walking into a space and seeing something thriving is a vague indication of care.

Winter gardening for me is a matter of composing tasteful greenscape compositions indoors, and there is no easier plant to do that with than the Tillandsia (aka the air plant) as it doesn’t even require soil!

There are those who have no interest in gardening (I know, I can hardly believe it myself), but art and garden meet nicely with this Tillandsia vessel by Michael McDowell.  This piece brings the indoor garden a whole new vibe.


One Comment to “Upside Down You Turn Me”

  1. I agree, what an artsy display. And I agree about the suitors too. It does no say much for their character if they have nothing alive surrounding or keeping them company.

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