Eye Candy

Cute, uh? by MarthaStewart.com

So much attention is paid to choosing the right exterior color, architectural style and location, location, location when choosing your home. But with so much creativity and care involved in selecting the right home, believe it or not, white was the most popular color for exteriors in 2010.  Hard to believe with some many fabulous colors on that color wheel, right?  But with color stats like that, what home couldn’t use a little eye candy to spruce things up a bit?  I don’t mean to say we need Swarovski Crystal encrusted doorbells, but something a little more subtle.  Did someone say window planters?

If you’re anything like my husband, you need to be convinced that a window planter is the right accessory for your home’s exterior.  But why, when there are so many styles and materials to choose from-copper planters, fiberglass planters, and wood planters to name a few.  Surely you can find the right  eye candy to suit your style.


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