Life Is Like A Bowl Of Peppers

Life Is Like A Bowl of Peppers, copyright The Allium Garden

Life Is Like A Bowl of Peppers

Lucky me, the pepper plants a friend gave me (thanks Mark!) early in the season have been producing like gangbusters!  I’m thrilled at my yield this summer and I didn’t even try hard.  I’m glad the heat wave found some useful end.

So now, what shall I do with all of these peppers?

I could:

1. Dry them for cooking (I left huge handfuls in the window of the kitchen, and just like magic…)

2. Freeze them (I’m told this is tricky, the defrosting could go horribly wrong)

3. Refrigerate them (I know this is a short term solution since my produce inevitably goes bad because I don’t usually cook the food, I just grow the food)

4. Display them (Dried peppers are easier than flowers)

I choose to display them.  Pretty things trump all, as always.

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4 Comments to “Life Is Like A Bowl Of Peppers”

  1. Absolutely dry them for cooking and display them at the same time. You must use these… I wish my friend would deliver me some of these 😦

  2. They are lovely strung up ala Santa fe style too.

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