the Allium Gardener, Angela

Welcome one and all to The Allium Garden Blog.  The Allium Garden Blog is a blog site dedicated to seeing the world through the garden.  My earliest memory as a child is of going out with my grandmother and great grandmother to garden in the hot Mississippi summers.  I also recall my grandfather’s aunt would grow cucumbers and okra year after year, so much so until those items of produce came to symbolize summer.  I also have memories of riding my bike through the cotton fields as a kid.  The fields of wall to wall cotton flanking my journey as I rode.  I was amazed at the sheer volume that could be produced on one plot of land- so many rows of cotton that seemed to go on for miles and miles.  Literally as far as the eye could see.  Those memories are sweet and bitter all at once, but mark the beginning of my fascination for all things growing.  Fast forward to today.   The one thing besides my husband that provides balance for me is my garden.   From travels around the world, to the garden in my own backyard. Will you take the journey with me?  Visit and like us on Facebook.


2 Comments to “About”

  1. First, I am both entertained and calmed by the content of your blog. I love your description of EVERYTHING! I often wonder if you are equally expressive when the topic is not about a living thing. Patrick and plants get a LOT of play in your blog, and that’s precious.

    Second, I am little jealous that I was NOT invited to the planing party. Next time, I hop.(?)

    Third, I was deciding what additional plants I wanted to include in my perennial plantings. Echinacea was high on the list, and your photos sealed it for me. Yours are very pretty yoo!

    I’m enjoying your blog, and love the layout you’ve selected. Niiiiiiiice!

  2. I like the new site design!

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