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July 31, 2011

Summer Is Made For Sunflowers

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Sunflowers and Such

This year, I planned on something a little different.  Instead of endless rows of okra and squash, I’ve planned on a cutting garden for the summer.  My objective- save money on my obsession of having fresh flowers throughout the house.   I started the flowers from seed around the first week of June- so cheap, and so easy. Well of course I have the standard tomatoes and peppers, but for the main event in my community garden plot for the summer, I’ve planned an endless supply of color in the form of zinnias, cosmos, cotton, sunflowers, and dahlias.  But alas, there is a hidden cost; I have had to endure, and still am subjected to, the constant heckling of my die hard vegetable growing neighbors for my ornamental sensibilities.  It’s ok, because my garden plot has become an oasis for the bees and butterflies, and am further rewarded with a little sunshine on a stem.