Is It Too Much?

Green Roof Birdhouse And All That Jazz, on Etsy

Well, of course I don’t think so!  I LOVE it. Couldn’t wait to raise the roof so to speak on this little birdhouse. Green roof gardens are what’s hot in the garden these days.  In fact, I’m so intrigued, whenever I visit a garden, my eyes can’t help but scan upwards in hopes of finding something luscious and green growing on top.

The concept of the green roof is not new.  It goes back hundreds of years to Iceland.  In the old days, green roofs were likely sod and used because other materials were scarce.  The thermal and air quality properties that green roofs provide today however, is surprising. In fact over the last 50 or 60 years Germany has been a leader in research, development and implementation of this newish-old concept.

As you can imagine, converting an existing pitched roof to a green roof is not an inexpensive proposition.  BUT, wait!  You say you have a garden shed?  Perfect!  That’s where I started.  I could only convince the hubs to convert our garden shed rather than our house (you get what you can right?).   But I love the concept so much, I’ve been converting birdhouses all over the place.  Some lucky bird will have a house modeled after the newest, oldest gardening concept today.


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