C’est Bon!

C'est Bon French Herb Kit by The Allium Garden on Etsy

C'est Bon French Herb Kit

A pot of something green on my countertop always makes me feel like, “Yes, I can cook!” even if  it’s more like, “I really don’t want to cook.” Right now I have two pots of spike moss hanging from a utility bar in the kitchen, but with spring in the air, I’m ready for my herbs, French herbs actually. Lavender, thyme, rosemary, and basil– it’s hard not to think of the possibilities of something roasting away in the Le Creuset dutch oven right?  And why not start the herbs from seed?  I’ve heard my friends say this over and over, “I don’t have time to wait on seeds to grow.”  My response is the same -seeds are the most economical way to garden, especially herbs. Herbs grow relatively quickly, and in no “thyme”, you have something edible, and more importantly, something that you’ve nurtured from the very beginning.  What’s nice too about an herb garden is that as long as there’s good light and favorable temperatures to what you are growing, you can grow them indoors or out.  See for yourself!


One Comment to “C’est Bon!”

  1. You are so right. Nothing can match fresh grown herbs. Here’s a secret- tired of weeding your garden. Liberally spread basil and parsley seed. In a few weeks, the herb blanket growing under your garden will choke out the weeds and provide a wonderful culinary treat for the season. Mark

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